Important Notes

Grass fed: Don’t be fooled by the grass-fed label, manufacturers are able to use the claim without finishing the cow on grass. Only 100% grass-fed cows have been proven to produce amino acids known to increase glutathione in our liver. Also, only 100% grass-fed cows produce a 4:1 ratio of omega 6 to Omega 3’s. A grain-fed or finished cow produces Omega 6-3 ratio of 40:1 which causes inflammation within our bodies when we eat it.
CBD Oil: The regulations are tightening up with the production of CBD products. Isagenix uses safe and responsible practices at a privately owned farm exclusive to Isagenix, growing cannabis plants in a field with no use of pesticides or harmful agents. The process can be traced from planting of the seed to extraction of the oil.
Probiotics: The container in which the probiotics come in has a mechanism which pulls moisture out of the container, helping keep the environment stable for the living microorganisms so no need for refrigeration. The capsule is made from a natural product that allows it to travel through a very acidic environment in our stomach and arrive in our lower intestines without further damage to the living microorganisms.
Digestive Enzymes: Our shakes are “non-denatured”, meaning the digestive enzymes are not heated and killed. Supports assimilation and delivery of proteins. If experiencing cramping and bloating, additional digestive enzymes may be needed, in which we recommend IsaBiome digestive enzymes once per day at your largest meal, or with meals that typically cause digestive upset.