Athletic Performance

BCAA’s: Pre/during workout. Amino acids are used by our bodies for hundreds of different processes. A person breaking down and building muscle via weight bearing exercises on a daily basis will need additional amounts of branched chain amino acids.
Power: Pre-workout. Creatine is a substance found naturally in muscle cells. It helps our muscle produce energy during high intensity exercise or heavy lifting. Power increases our stores of phosphocreatine which helps our body produce more ATP, a high energy molecule.
Repair: Post-workout. Tart cherry (reduces strength loss and muscle soreness following intense exercise. Increases immune response.) , turmeric (protects against exercise induced stress, supports muscle recovery), Astaxanthin (carotenoid found in marine species known to improve exercise efficiency, performance and recovery. A a free-radical scavenger. Collagen peptides are building blocks of cartilage production, provide strong support for healthy joints.
TRI Release: Pre or Post workout 3 types of proteins: whey protein isolate (rapidly digested), egg white (intermediate rate of digestion), and milk protein concentrate (slow digestion), all necessary for immediate and sustained amino acid release. Contains Velositol, a chromium complex to improve the efficacy of the BCAA’s. Chromium supports fat, protein and carb metabolism. Not a meal replacement. A great addition to an active or inactive lifestyle needing protein.
Hydrate: Pre, during or post workout. Enhances the uptake of water into cells. Electrolyte drink with no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.


1 Tri Release protein

1 Amped Power


1 Repair

1 Hydrate


1 TRI Release protein
1 Power
1 Repair,
1 Hydrate
1 Bea
1 E+ shots