Brain Health

CBD Oil: Our nervous system (brain) contains more CB1 receptors than the rest of our body. Since these receptors are found on highly functioning areas of our brain, they can be moderators for memory, emotion, mood, motor function and perception of pain.
IsaGenesis: Protecting brain cells by reducing inflammation (NAC/glutathione) and protecting telomeres inside each cell.
Brain Boost: Turmeric and other anti- inflammatory nutrients to help blood flow to areas of the brain, help reduce inflammation and may improve nerve function.
Sleep Spray: Supports production of Melatonin to help circadian rhythm.

IsaOmega: Neuro-protective fatty acids keep the membrane of the cells able to function and communicate. May help prevent neurodegenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s dementia.


2 canisters IsaLean Shakes

1 CBD Oil

1 IsaOmega


2 canisters shakes

1 CBD Oil


Brain Boost

1 IsaGenesis