Energy & Stress

Ionix Supreme: Adaptogenic herbs read cells to provide energy as needed. A combination of B Vitamins support adrenal glands and HPA axis to regulate cortisol and hormones.
CBD Oil: When our Endocannabinoid System is replenished and regulated with high potency CBD, it then allows our other systems to rest, recover and restore. As they do, our energy levels naturally increase.
BEA: Naturally sourced caffeine Adaptogens, contains raw nutrients from fruits and vegetables, vitamins A,C,E, and folate. A refreshing carbonated drink.
Cyto Actives: CoQ10 is stored in our mitochondria, which creates energy in our cells. Vitamin D3 and tocotrienols support cell function which in turn increases cell strength, vitality and energy production.
Coffee: Our coffee goes through rigid testing for mold, and mycotoxins. Approved for cleanse days. Provides additional trace minerals, is smooth with very low acidity.


2 canisters IsaLean Shakes 
1 CBD Oil


2 canisters shakes


1 Ionix

1 CytoActives

1 Bea