Guide To Customized Packs

1) Ask which area(s) of health they’d like to address over the next 30-90 days.

2) Ask about their goals to determine if needing a foundation or transformation.​

  • Foundation

    • Wanting to stay healthy

    • maintain a healthy weight

    • address digestive discomfort

    • improve energy or sleep

  • Transformation

    • Wanting to lose 6 pounds or more

    • overcoming a severe illness & rebuilding gut and immune system

    • rebuilding wiped out adrenal glands due to severe stress 

3) Discuss the benefits of  1 shake a day as foundation then explain additional products and benefits to determine the rest of their package based on what they circled.


4) Look for the category below based on what they told you in question #1.

**Some products cross over into different categories for different functions.


**We do not claim to cure, treat, or diagnose disease.  We believe that the body becomes the miracle when fed with the proper nutrition and heals itself.