Immune Boost

Isalean Shake:  1 Shake/day provides a daily foundation of needed amino acids, trace minerals, pre-biotics, digestive enzymes, healthy fats/carbs & 100% grass-fed or dairy-free protein. A low calorie, nutrient dense meal provides your go to, at home meal solution if can't get to the  grocery store.  Mix with water for pure convenience. And un-denatured whey protein increases our immune system by 500%!

Ionix Supreme: Stress causes immune function to lower. This adaptogenic elixir will inhibit cortisol production which in turn decreases inflammation. Be sure to have at least one serving a day to protect your body against added stress. Plus these are powerful B vitamins to keep your immune function high.

Immune Booster: Beta glucan, reishi mushroom, Poria, and maitake are some of the main ingredients in our shake booster that help support immune function.

Probiotics: Our immune function starts in the gut. A healthy gut is the first line of protection against viral diseases. Taking your probiotic daily can help your body fight disease.

Greens 🥬: Eating leafy greens always supports immune function. But with most of us wanting to avoid the store, getting 1-2 servings a day with our powered greens is super easy.

Bone Broth Collagen: Added vitamin C is never a bad idea this product has 80 milligrams of additional vitamin C to promote immune health.

Defense Shield: Diffusing defense shield in the home gives your air and surfaces an extra layer of protection. Our diffusers run for 12 hours to keep molecules in the air at bay.

CBD Oil:  CBD helps keep your stress low and supports the body in many ways to keep your body the healthiest fighting machine.

C-lyte: Our c-lyte has three forms of vitamin c to give you maximum absorption and powerful anti-oxidant protection and supports collagen synthesis.

Immune spray: Echinacea, Zinc and Reishi work together to help fight off foreign invaders in the body. Assisting T cells in fighting on the first line of defense for protecting your body!

Complete Essentials: Full body protection starts with Vitamin D3, K2 and A which are all present in our complete essentials! Also Omegas are an important defense for the body as well. They all come as a source in our vitamins. ​
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