Kids Health

Smoothies:  Gives kids essential amino acids, 10 g protein w/o hormones or antibiotics,100% of recommended 15 vitamins and minerals.
Amped Hydrate: Natural sports drink mix. Increases uptake of water into cells via electrolytes. Formulated with no refined white sugar and without artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
IsaImmune: Add 1 scoop to juice or shakes for daily immune system support or during times of illness, stress and travel.
Protein Bars: Cut in half or in small pieces as a healthy protein filled snack
FiberPro: For kids too small to swallow pills or too young for IsaBiome probiotics. Provides Prebiotic and probiotics to balance intestinal gut flora, moves food through digestive system.


 Immune System Pack:

2 canisters shakes
1 probiotic
1 Immune Booster