Pain Management


1 CBD Oil

1 Joint & Pain formula

1 IsaOmega

Joint Support: As we age or with repetitive use, our joints lose cartilage in our joints. Glucosamine is a protein used by our body to build cartilage (connective tissue) and chondroitin helps maintain fluid and flexibility in the joint. Collagen Type II replenishes lost collagen in our joints. Turmeric, Boswellia and additional herbs help reduce inflammation.
Pain Relief Cream: A fast absorbing cream with menthol and methyl salicylate which provide a cooling sensation to help with immediate relief.
CBD Oil: The role of CB2 receptors in our body is to modulate acute pain, chronic inflammatory pain, post surgical pain, and pain associated with cancer and nerve injury. CBD adheres to the receptors within our cells to support this modulation.
IsaOmega: DHA/EPA are fatty acids known to act on the same biochemical pathways as pain- relievers. May be used as an anti-inflammatory. Every cell in our body has a membrane composed of components of these fatty acids, similar to that of a lubricant.